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    Welcome to ORIO!
    Balneal sapropel mud – the source of energy, bioactive
    compounds and cell’s information.
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    Natural goods for health benefits
    Synergetic interaction – cell’s metabolism
    and supplement, accumulated positive
    information mean our return to the origin.
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    New opportunities in development of medical,
    cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

About ORIO

Under the trademark ORIO the company extracts and manufactures sapropel muds
(70-90% organic content) for medical, pharmaceutical,
cosmetic and veterinary purposes.
As the official distributor of sapropel muds from the lake Sudobl we supply them to the Baltic states and the SAR.
ORIO sapropel muds derived raw material supplies the unique component in development of new pharmaceutical
formulas and products as for Healthcare as for Veterinary medicine needs.

Our mission and vision:


Getting the genuine gift of nature over to wide audience – for the sake of people’s health and beauty
Synergetic interaction – cell’s metabolism and supplement, accumulated positive energy and information mean our return to the origin.


The source of innovative technologies in Beauty Industry and Healthcare. Prospective.
New opportunities in development of products for medical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical needs.

Balneal mud slows down ageing processes.

- Оrio -

Our services

We provide wholesale supply of sapropel muds as a raw material for Beauty and Healthcare industry.

In Healthcare, Pharmacy, Veterinary medicine – due to their unique organic
compounds sapropel muds become an ideal raw material and ingredient in development of
new biomedical products.

ORIO products

100% natural sapropel muds and their product line.
Mineral compound rich and easily digested.
Work at the cellular level. ORIO muds have powerful revitalizing and rejuvenating effect on the whole body.
Extracted from the unique, ecologically clean lake Sudobl,
referenced to balneological resources of Belarus and protected by the state.

ORIO muds Beauty line also includes face and hair masks, hair growth stimulant and anti-cellulite programs.
All the company’s products have been duly certified and already are being supplied to clinics, hospitals and beauty shops in
Russia, Belarus, USA and France, and as a raw material for Beauty Industry.

ORIO products you can buy there:

Treatments with our products are available in Baltic States:

«Amare la Vita», Brīvības 144, ph. (+371)22449550
«Float and Relax», Staraja Rusas 5-78, ph. (+371)29668674
«Taka Spa», Kronvalda bulvāris 3a, ph. (+371)67323150
«Hotel Jurmala Spa & Conference Center», Jomas 47/49, ph. (+371)67784406
Naturopatija Kr. Barona 31B, Riga, ph. (+371)26651385

«ETNO SPA», Kranto g. 24, Panevėžys, ph. (+370)68683428
«Dorpat Tervis OÜ», Soola 6, 51013, Tartu, ph.: (+372)7337196, (+372)5251800
«OÜ Dr.Nona Vi.P» Mustamae 29, Tallinn 10616, ph.: (+372) 58513034


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