Sapropel muds Black

Beauty industry recommends to use black sapropel muds for oily and problem skin, for hair loss and dandruff problem, and as mud therapy for hands and feet.
Due to higher content of humic and fatty acids, derivative of hormon-like compounds, resins and mineral-organic complexes, have strong, though gentle cleansing and detox properties, improve tissue methabolism, work as a cell regeneration activator and a peripherical neural and immune systems modulator. Humic acids (HA) of sapropels contained in black muds of the lake Sudobl feature attributes of biogenic stimulators (3 mg/kg), stimulate macrophage protective reaction, favor tissue restoration, produce anti-inflammatory effect. They stimulate mitochondrial respiration and inhibit free radicals. By their radioprotective properties different fractions of sapropel HA produce even a more evident radioprotective effect, than the authorised medicine cystamine.


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